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Become a Green Influencer

Are you aged 10-14 with exciting ideas to improve your community?

Are you aged 10-14? Are you full of exciting ideas to help improve the environment and the community you live in? Join the Green Influencers Scheme to imagine, make, and share your own projects!

As a young person, you’re not just a leader of tomorrow – you can be a leader now. If you have ideas for getting yourself or your friends to connect with nature, we want to help you make those ideas a reality. As an environmental youth social action project this could include elements of volunteering, fundraising, campaigning or supporting your peers, but projects can be anything you like – for example, creating a community garden. You will be at the forefront of making and carrying out your project from start to finish. Our Green Mentors will be here to support you - to help you make connections in your community and to get funding to make it happen.

To get involved, please get in touch with your local Green Mentor:

  • If you live in Southampton and surrounding areas, contact Holly.
  • If you live in Norwich and surrounding areas, contact Alex.
  • If you live elsewhere in England, you can locate your nearest Green Mentor on this map.
Green Influencers

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