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Sign our petition to increase support for greener Erasmus travel

Green Erasmus wants to see significant changes in the mobility patterns of students going on Erasmus+ exchange to reduce the environmental impact of the programme. Part of this should be ensuring that sustainable travel options are more inclusive and affordable.

The Green Erasmus research on the habits of Erasmus students reveals that although students are concerned about climate change, cost is one of the main drivers of their travel choices, meaning that they end up choosing cheaper but less sustainable modes of transport. In the petition “INCREASE SUPPORT FOR GREEN TRAVEL IN ERASMUS+”, we ask EU institutions for more funds to travel sustainably. Specifically,

  • Increasing the current €50 to a universal top up to individual support of up to €250 for green travel, proportionate to distance covered
  • And increasing the current 4 days up to 7 days of additional individual support covering additional subsistence costs and/or accommodation needs linked to green travel - for the round trip

Introducing this support will allow students from all destinations to travel to their host country, and return back home via greener land or sea transport, without being out of pocket.


Green Erasmus

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