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Set up a no-dig food growing site

Setting up a no dig food growing system for term time harvesting


Over the last 9 years food growing has played a central role in our Food and Farming programme, with our growing network bringing together students and staff across 70 sites to produce nutritious and delicious food. We're now focusing our support towards no-dig growing methods, this technique leaves soil structure intact creating the potential to increase soil carbon, water retention and produce food with higher nutritional benefits.

This half day training session will help groups to develop a no-dig system for term-time harvesting and will cover planning planting, composting systems, seed saving, volunteer recruitment & retention as well as how to measure impact.

Learning outcomes

After completing the training, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify what resources, equipment, etc. are needed to set up a new no-dig site or to convert an existing site to no-dig
  • Create a realistic growing plan for produce that's harvestable in term time
  • Understand the techniques, and be able to communicate the benefits, of saving seeds and making compost alongside using no-dig growing methods

Who should attend?

This training is appropriate for students, students' union staff and students' union officers.

What other SOS-UK training does this opportunity link to?

Setting up a social enterprise on campus - this training may also be of interest if you are thinking of selling any produce or making preserves from your produce that could be sold.

What are the options for delivery?

This training is available as bespoke delivery for individual institutions or students' unions. The training can be delivered online or in person, and lasts for 3 hours.


Training can be commissioned at any point during the academic year


Bespoke delivery in individual institutions / students' unions, please get in touch for a quote.

Please get in touch to discuss delivery of this training.