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Green Impact Students' Unions 2018-19 awards announced

Congratulations to all unions who took part in working for a sustainable society! 


The Green Impact Students� Unions awards are our opportunity to recognise the commitment students� unions have made to create positive change and equip our student body with the skills they need to work towards a more just and sustainable future. 

Green Impact responds to student interest and demand for sustainability, allowing unions to showcase work on areas such as equality, community, curriculum reform and campaigning. 2018/19 years marks the 12th year of the national programme, with 60 unions participating and 1,811 actions taken. 

This year Green Impact has engaged students and staff in sustainability through campaigns such as financial divestment, carbon literacy, reducing food waste and plastic free campuses.  We have also supported unions to build strong community and institutional partnerships to create bigger changes on campus.?All participating unions are now taking actions on campus to reduce coffee cups and plastics, with a levy for single use cups and plastic containers being introduced across many campuses.   

Many Green Impact Students� Unions up and down the country are passing policy to declare climate crisis and have put pressure on their institutions to do the same.  Societies have been set up to engage with Extinction Rebellion, support the School Strikes for Climate Change and work with other pressure groups to take actions locally, and engage with the climate crisis debate nationally and internationally.  Many unions are finding creative ways to raise awareness through creating waste sculptures, putting on exhibitions and creating zines. 

More and more we are seeing unions working to diversify environmentalism, exploring the relationship between liberation campaigns and sustainability with events on C02lonialism and racism and climate change. There are increasing numbers of environmenstral projects, LGBTQ+ clothes swaps, use of recyclable flags and biodegradable glitter for pride and other events, and a working to centre disabled students and student parents in discussions on sustainable travel plans. 

This year we awarded 3 top awards to students unions, these are: 

Most Improved Union? 
The Union, Manchester Met 

Highest Scoring � Devolved Nation 
University of Stirling Students' Union 

Stirling University Students' Union

Highest Scoring Union 
The Students� Union at UWE 

UWE Students' Union


Arts University Bournemouth Students' Union 
Bucks Students Union 
Christ Church Students' Union 
Keele Students' Union 
Leeds University Union 
Liverpool Guild of Students 
Queen Mary University of London Students' Union 
Roehampton Students' Union 
SOAS Students' Union 

Staffordshire University Students' Union 
Strathclyde Students' Union 
Student's Union at Bournemouth University 
The Students' Union at UWE 
The Union, Manchester Met 
UCA Students' Union 
Undeb Bangor 
University of Birmingham Guild of Students 
University of Sheffield Student's Union 
University of Stirling Students' Union 
University of Sussex Students' Union 

Very Good 

????Glasgow Caledonian University Students' Association

Lancaster University Students' Union 

Oxford University Student Union 

Trinity Saint David Students' Union 

University of Northampton Students' Union 

University of Suffolk Students' Union 

University of York Students' Union 

Worcester Students' Union 


Beds SU 

City Students' Union - Listed as Green City 

Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union 

Highlands and Islands Students' Association 

Kings College London Students Union 

Leeds Trinity Students' Union 

London South Bank Students' Union 

Middlesex University Students Union 

Northumbria Students' Union 

Queen's University Belfast Students' Union 

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union 

Swansea University Students' Union 

The Royal Veterinary College Students' Union 

Ulster University Students' Union 

Union of Brunel Students 

University of Cumbria Students' Union 

University of Gloucestershire Students' Union 

University of Manchester Students Union 

University of Nottingham 

University Of West London Students Union 

Warwick Students' Union 


Working Towards 

Aston Students' Union 


Green Impact Students� Unions 2019-20 will be launching in September and we look forward to another year working with unions to create a sustainable society!? 

If you would like more information on the programme click?here or email?gisu@nus.org.uk