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Take part in the annual Global Goals Teach In this February

The third annual Global Goals Teach In is due to take place 17th � 21st February.


Sustainable Development Goals

The annual campaign calls on educators to pledge to include the global goals in their teaching and learning throughout the week. The 2019 campaign saw over 200 educators reach 17.5k students in discussion around the SDGs and their relevance to their subject.

Are you an educator? Pledge now to incorporate the SDGs in your teaching, learning and assessment throughout the week.

Are you a student or elected officer? Call for lecturers and teachers at your college or university to pledge.

The Teach In aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development
  • Catalyse curriculum reform and test new ideas
  • Embed sustainability and social responsibility across all learning
  • Link teaching, learning, and assessment to local and global concerns
  • Prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and attributes to tackle the world's greatest challenges

To take part, educators pledge to include the SDGs in their teaching, learning, and assessment in one or more of their courses during this week. This happens through case studies, debate, discussion, group work, or simulations relating to topics included within the SDGs. Ideally, students learn about the SDGs and their relevance to the course.