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We are a Living Wage Employer!

We are delighted to announce that, as of 22 October 2020, we have been accredited as a Living Wage Employer by the Living Wage Foundation.


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From SOS-UK�s inception last year, we were already paying above the real Living Wage rate, as a result of our time within NUS � already a Living Wage Employer.


However, as a new independent charity we also wanted to become formally certified and in the process publicly commit to paying a real Living Wage indefinitely as well as support the work of the Living Wage Foundation.


Our commitment to paying a real Living Wage (and empowering young people) even extends to our 25 inspiring student staff, aged 14-18 and across five other continents, who are currently organising the Mock COP26 conference starting later this month, as well as spearheading the Teach the Future campaign. We have also made the real Living Wage a prerequisite condition for the 32 environmental organisations we are placing Kickstarters into through Race for Nature�s Recovery.


In the face of a continuing pandemic, workers� rights are as crucial as ever � of which the payment of a living wage is a key part. We encourage other UK employers who are not yet accredited to consider committing, including during this week�s Living Wage Week.


Of course, from a global perspective, we believe there cannot be justice in only our UK workers being paid a living wage, whilst those in countless other countries continue to be paid salaries that do not allow even their basic needs to be met.


From fruit pickers in Spain to tea farmers in India, there are still too many around the world who work in exploitative conditions - despite the profits that are often made further up the supply chain.


This is, undoubtedly, symptomatic of an economic system that prioritises growth and profit over people and planet. We call for the system to change in this regard and join others in advocating for a Global Green New Deal as part of a green recovery from COVID-19. This would be a major step towards achieving the good life for all.