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Carbon Challenge Programme

Programme to engage staff and students on carbon emission reduction
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SOS-UK launched a new Carbon Challenge Programme pilot for 2021/22 designed to engage staff and students campus wide in reducing their personal carbon footprint at home and in the workplace. This has been refined for 2022/23 to include the most effective and bespoke support for your organisation.

An online carbon footprinting and reduction tool, GIKI Zero, provides staff and students the opportunity to understand their own personal impact on the planet with 120 carbon reduction actions across seven categories.

Online teams and leaderboards support staff and students to understand their individual impact, build their own personalised action plan and support others within their team. ​

The online tool is supported by a range of engagement activities including monthly communications on relevant themes, campus visits, staff workshops and student volunteering. These aim to build on knowledge and ensure staff and students are engaged, supported and empowered on their carbon reduction journey. ​

How the campaign works

Across the year staff and students are supported to take action to reduce their carbon footprint through a programme of engagement activities delivered by SOS-UK. Find out how the campaign runs and what is included in the campaign over the year

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