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Food Growing

A network of growing spaces that shares and learns together
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We have a network of growing spaces that shares and learns together

We support campus growing sites, shared allotments and community gardens  through our growing network, which is free to join if your food growing is part of a university or college initiative.

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Join our growing network for free, or if you want some help starting a no dig growing space we run a 3 hour training through our learning academy.

Email us at studenteats@sos-uk.org if you have any questions.

You and your institution can also start a food enterprise or learn more about sustainable food.

Join our free food growing network
  • Access to exclusive resources and discounts included 90% off Charles Dowding's no dig online course 1.
  • Chances to take part in closed competitions e.g. our annual Water Conservation Trust competition for up to £1500 to improve your growing site
  • Opportunity to win free tickets to our annual conference

All you need to join the network is a growing site at your institution or plans to have one within the next 3 months.

Just complete our joining form, it's free!