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Student engagement on maximising renewable energy

RED WoLF engages students on smart renewables
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We've partnered with universities, housing associations, local authorities and training organisations across North-West Europe to tackle housing emissions, responsible for approximately 300 million tonnes of CO2/yr through the RED WoLF (Rethink Electricity Distribution Without Load Following) project.

RED WoLF utilises technology to store renewable energy output from the Power Grid at times of low demand, so it can be used when demand is higher. Currently, when energy demand is low on sunny/windy days, output of solar or wind power is reduced, and clean energy potential wasted. RED WoLF seeks to change this with a Hybrid Storage System (HSS) that will be adopted across the region, with 100 pilot homes in the United Kingdom, France and Ireland that will reduce CO2 emissions from their energy use by 215 tonnes/yr.

SOS-UK's role

The project is led by Leeds Beckett University, with a number of other project partners across North-West Europe leading on and supporting different parts of the project. SOS-UK's role is to facilitate student engagement with the project, providing action based learning opportunities, as well as awareness raising. Students will be offered multiple learning, development and engagement activities, that will support the project's aims.

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Contact Rachel.Soper@sos-uk.org or visit the project website for more information.