Sustainable accommodation at

Brunel University

The campaign will be looking at the energy and water use to determine which hall is the most sustainable. Students living in that hall will win a prize at the end of the year.

Find out more about sustainability at Brunel University London by visiting the sustainability web pages.

Participating halls: Bishop Hall, Borough Road Hall, Brian Winstanley Hall, Central Hall, Chepstow Hall, Clifton Hall, Concourse Hall, David Neave Hall, East Hall, Faraday Hall, Fleming Hall, Galbraith Hall, George Shipp Hall, Kilmorey Hall, Lacy Hall, Maria Grey Hall, Maurice Kogan Hall, Meadow Hall, Michael Bevis Hall, Mill Hall, North Hall, Runnymede Hall, Shoreditch Hall, South Hall, Southwark Hall, St Margaret's Hall, Stephen Bragg Hall, Stockwell Hall, Syd Urry Hall, Trevor Slater Hall, and West Hall.

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Brunel University London Leaderboard

Leaderboard based on kWh energy & water usage per student. Updated May 2022.

Get involved

Get involved in activities across the year to support sustainable living, increase your knowledge and help your residence to become more sustainable.