Sustainable accommodation at

Nottingham Trent University

The campaign looks at the energy use and student engagement to determine which hall is the most sustainable. Students living in that hall win a prize at the end of the year. This year The Maltings won the prize of congratulatory cupcakes!

Find out more about sustainability and opportunities available by reading about the UPP approach to sustainability and visiting the university sustainability services website.

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Nottingham Trent University Leaderboard

At the end of the year, the hall with the highest score will win a group prize! Climb the leaderboard by engaging in our activities throughout the year and signing up to the campaign. Updated May 2022.

1. The Maltings, 2. Sandby, 3. Hampden

Get involved

Get involved in activities across the year to support sustainable living, increase your knowledge and help your residence to become more sustainable.