Sustainable accommodation at

University of Greenwich

The campaign looks at the energy use, recycling rates and student engagement to determine which hall is the most sustainable.

Devonport are the winners for 2021-22, and students who actively supported the campaign have been recognised and rewarded with Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Find out more about sustainability at Greenwich on the university web pages.

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University of Greenwich

1. Devonport

  1. Adelaide
  2. Daniel Defoe
  3. Merlin
  4. Cutty Sark
  5. McMillan
  6. Seymour
  7. Sunne
  8. Parr
  9. Aragon
  10. Wolfe
  11. Cleves
  12. Howard
  13. Forte

Get involved

Get involved in activities across the year to support sustainable living, increase your knowledge and help your residence to become more sustainable.