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Green Impact at London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University have been taking part in Green Impact since 2016 and with keen teams of staff across the university, we wanted to share with you just what staff at London Met have been up to this year to become sustainable!

The We Mean Green team have started purchasing hand wash, kitchen spray and washing up liquid from Splosh. Their cleaning bottles are refillable which has helped to reduce plastic waste.

The Jolly Green Giants team, part of the Academic Business Administration section of the University Governance Dpt. have been running a monthly themed Food Day where they share lunch and get creative. This encourages the team to come together, sharing recipes (on reducing food waste, healthy eating and vegetarian cooking), having a positive impact on their wellbeing.


They have been having great fun, with themes so far including Harry Potter, Colour and Beach.


The team were new to Green Impact this year and joined as they felt they needed focus more on sustainability but weren�t sure where to start.

The Estates team volunteered at Barnado�s Charity, helping to transform their garden outside the North London site by weeding and planting flowers.


The Green Aces, based in the Vice-Chancellor�s Office removed all the water coolers in their office in the Summer of 2018, The team have been making sure staff know where the nearest fountains are and staff fill up glass bottles each morning to use throughout the day.


London Met teams were audited last week by students trained as IEMA environmental auditors to conduct the audits, gaining valuable skills and reporting back on what teams have achieved across the university.


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