We support students and wider society to learn, act and lead for environmental justice.

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Here’s how students can get involved in our work to deliver a more environmentally just world.
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Become a Green Influencer

Are you aged 10-14 with exciting ideas to improve your community?

Email your University Finance Director

What is your university's money funding? Ask them

Book an Invest for Change workshop

Find out more about Invest for Change and get started campaigning!

Read about links between sustainability & intersectionality

Check out our compilation of intersectionality and sustainability resources

Listen to the Liberating Sustainability podcast

Our podcast series with an intersectional take on the climate emergency

Start an Invest for Change campaign

Make sure your university money is invested in the interest of students

Write to your elected reps about climate education

Ask your elected representatives if they support climate education.

Find opportunities on the For Good platform

Use your dissertation, placement or project as a force for good

Join our Students For Trees Council

Help students to learn about, and to take action for, woods and trees

Change is urgently needed to tackle the injustices and unsustainability in our world

We believe education can bring about that change. SOS-UK is a student-led education charity focusing on sustainability - we know environmental sustainability cannot be achieved in isolation, so our work spans across issues of justice and wellbeing as well.

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We partner with students, universities, organisations and funders to drive change

This is what some of them say about us

Blank Profile PhotoStudent participant, Learning Academy training

Student participant, Learning Academy training

I felt the training was comprehensive and gave all the information required in such a short time frame. [The most valuable part was] building on my knowledge of sustainable food and creating a product for sale.
Blank Profile PhotoStudent Switch Off Ambassador

Student Switch Off Ambassador

Imperial College London
Volunteering has allowed me learn how to engage in conversations about actions for the environment in a non-intrusive way to my flatmates and hall residents.
Blank Profile PhotoStudent Green Impact Auditor

Student Green Impact Auditor

University of Sheffield
I thoroughly enjoyed [my experience as a Green Impact auditor] and it was fantastic to collaborate with fellow students, support the University's sustainability efforts and develop plenty of skills throughout the day.
Blank Profile PhotoSara Kassam, Sustainability Lead

Sara Kassam, Sustainability Lead

We chose SOS-UK to launch our sustainability learning and development programme due to their vast experience in staff engagement and tailored approach to meeting our needs. The webinars delivered have been well-constructed and thought-provoking, with an overwhelmingly positive response from attendees!