We support students and society to learn, act and lead for environmental and social justice.

Take action for sustainability

Here’s how students can get involved in our work to deliver a more environmentally and socially just world.
Not a student? Check out our work.

Become a pilot or ambassador for our ethical banking campaign

Our workshop supports students in choosing a more ethical bank account.

Start an Invest for Change campaign

Make sure your university money is invested in the interest of students

Start a race-equity learning group

A learning and discussion group to further anti-racism work

Join our free food growing network

Join the food growing network that shares and learns together

Write to your elected reps about climate education

Ask your elected representatives if they support climate education.

Support the #SDGTeachIn

Share your sustainability learning experiences

Book an Invest for Change workshop

Find out more about Invest for Change and get started campaigning!

Take AGM action

Call for Barclays and HSBC to stop funding fossil fuels at their AGMs

Listen to the Liberating Sustainability podcast

Our podcast series with an intersectional take on the climate emergency

Change is urgently needed to tackle the injustices and unsustainability in our world

We believe education can bring about that change. SOS-UK is a student-led education charity focusing on sustainability - we know environmental sustainability cannot be achieved in isolation, so our work spans across issues of social justice and wellbeing as well.

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What we've been up to

We partner with students, universities, organisations and funders to drive change

This is what some of them say about us

Blank Profile PhotoStudent Switch Off Ambassador

Student Switch Off Ambassador

University of Bath
I found that I can do more in my daily life and encourage others to do more about the environment via saving energy as much as possible.
Blank Profile PhotoStudent Green Impact Auditor

Student Green Impact Auditor

University of Sheffield
I thoroughly enjoyed [my experience as a Green Impact auditor] and it was fantastic to collaborate with fellow students, support the University's sustainability efforts and develop plenty of skills throughout the day.
Blank Profile PhotoStudent Fairtrade University Auditor

Student Fairtrade University Auditor

King's College London
[My experience] means, in interviews, I can talk about actually having some experience in auditing and understanding sustainability in practice, rather than just in theory from my degree.
Blank Profile PhotoGreen Impact participant

Green Impact participant

Green Impact is a great team-building activity and allows people to develop skills or share existing skills with colleagues.