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Change is urgently needed to tackle the injustices and unsustainability in our world

We believe education can bring about that change

SOS-UK is a student-led education charity focusing on sustainability
. We know environmental sustainability cannot be achieved in isolation, so our work spans across issues of social justice and wellbeing as well.

We believe in lifelong learning and work on sustainability across all forms of education from early years to workplace learning. We act as a support crew - facilitating, encouraging and mentoring people wherever they are on their sustainability journey in sustainability.

We see the power and potential in students and young people to be at the forefront of change. We work alongside them as equal partners in their sustainability leadership journeys.

Through our work we want to see...

More students leading on, and learning for, sustainability.
When students lead on sustainability they develop the knowledge, values, skills, and competencies required to make them great sustainability leaders. We don’t just want organisations to do sustainability for students, it should be done by, with, and through students.

An education system repurposed around the climate emergency and ecological crisis.
Sustainability should be woven through every subject like a golden thread. Every student should be a sustainability student. The education system should serve as a force for good in response to the challenges society faces.

Sustainability that is more inclusive, so it is for everyone.
Research has shown that the sustainability sector in the UK is unrepresentative when it comes racial and other social and political identities. The negative impacts of sustainability inaction disproportionately affect these underrepresented groups, both globally and here in the UK. The sector must represent these voices.

Our 2019/20 Impact Report
Our 2017/18 Impact Report
Our 2016/17 Impact Report

Core staff:

Aqeel Kapasi

Celine Clark

Emma Lewins

Grace Corn

Jade Monroe

Jamie Agombar

Joanna Romanowicz

Katie Jepson

Meg Baker

Mel Kee

Michelle Hemmingfield

Odette Wills

Quinn Runkle

Rachel Drayson

Rachel Soper

Sonya Peres

Tilly Jarvis

Tracy Lumb

Zoe Arnold

Student Staff:

Abbie Williams

Anna Brown

Charlie Sweetman

Cherop Soy

Jamie Burrell

Joe Brindle

Josh Tregale

Kelo Uchendu

Laura Verónica

Lily Henderson

Malaika Collette

Mana Saza

Mary Glasby

Scarlett Westbrook

Shreya K.C.

Stella Orrin

Tess Corcoran

Vinzealhar Nen

Yasmin Belhadj


Ellen Fearon

Larissa Kennedy

Richard Dunne

Sara Parkin

Zamzam Ibrahim

Our team is passionate about driving change for sustainability.

If you're interested in joining our team, please see our Job Vacancies.

Our family

SOS-UK is an educational charity created by students and staff at the National Union of Students (UK) in 2019 in response to the climate emergency and ecological crisis.

SOS-UK has separate governance and is financially independent from NUS, although we are proud to remain part of the NUS family, alongside Endsleigh Insurance and OneVoiceDigital.  

The NUS President is also the SOS-UK President. 

We're proud to be members of SOS-International, joining student-led and student-focused organisations around the world to form a coordinated effort aiming to amplify the voices of students and influence global systemic change for sustainability and social justice.