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Here’s a toast: to warm us just a little longer

December 13, 2022
Here’s a toast !

We have reached the end of the year 2022, and we have made so much progress to ensure we are even more aware of housing quality and fuel poverty. We have started the second year of our project Homes Fit for Study delivered in partnership with National Energy Action (NEA) with a focus on helping students reduce their exposure to energy poverty. In this second year, we have seen students’ awareness and action grow, and this is only the beginning.  With the cost of living crisis becoming such a prevailing topic we have seen students take action to rise above adversity and collaborate for change.

What’s the spark

This project is very important to us as students have a potentially higher risk of falling into energy poverty compared to other demographic groups yet are not sufficiently targeted through policy interventions. Coupled with limited knowledge and experience of how to navigate the energy system, and low incomes, means students are vulnerable to energy poverty. This can have a significant impact on their physical and mental health, and consequently, impact their well-being and academic attainment.

Since October this year, we’ve trained 51 students from 28 universities to become home energy auditors, and they have gone on to conduct over 100 student home energy audits so far, saving each household £100+ on bills. Imagine what more we can do with your help.

A lighter note

Our audits include; support in making homes more efficient, help to identify areas where you are losing energy unnecessarily, education on valuable savings on your bills and carbon reduction, and lastly the promotion of well-being whilst living at university!

Our opportunity is open to all students currently privately renting whilst at university- no prior experience is needed! £15 bursary for each completed student home energy audit and a digital badge to demonstrate your expertise.

Online training will be on the 1st or 2nd February 2023, 2-5pm.

To find out more and apply, use our online application form.

If you would like to get your students involved as home energy auditors email Patricia Izebhor.

For more information on energy saving advice in private rented accommodation check out our website to sign up for our newsletter and see our advice guides, webinars and masterclasses. You can also sign up for our mailing list.