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How SDGs are being taught in Animal Management

We're mid-way through the #SDGTeachIn! It's been so motivating seeing everyone's updates on Twitter. Here's what Rana Parween has to say about integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into her teaching at Askham Bryan College in York. 


Askham Bryan College, York, has a compulsory module called Sustainability in the Animal Industry on the BSc Animal Management Level 6 course. Students are taught the history of sustainability with the rationale for an urgent need for sustainable systems to be in place locally, nationally and globally. The module is taught over one semester and comprises of three assessments.

The main part of this module looks at current sustainable practices in general, and then at local, animal-related businesses. The  students are then required  to make well-researched and evaluated recommendations for improving the businesses' sustainability agenda further.

Within the module, students visit a range of local animal industries to witness first-hand how certain businesses contribute towards the SDGs. These visits then enable the students to critically analyse the need for new and innovative ways of being sustainable, and also to explore how education plays a pertinent role in this. For instance, the students visit local zoos to analyse sustainable actions within the zoos. Likewise, they visit local nature reserves and power stations to critically compare and contrast the sustainable advances made by these organisations. Where relevant, students draw in examples of global and traditional sustainable practices.

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