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Lobbying governments worldwide

Zoe Arnold
January 14, 2022

Phase 2 (since January 2021) of the Mock COP campaign has continued to mobilise a movement of young people globally to campaign for their leaders to show ambition and implement parts of the Mock COP treaty.

Mock COP26 outcomes:

  • 350 delegates from over 140 countries.
  • 11 student staff (February 2021-December 2021) from Brazil, Canada, Colombia, India, Japan, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and the UK
  • In the run up, and during the Mock COP26 event, we had media coverage in more than 40 countries, including 30 broadcast interviews, with a reach of over 98 million.
  • Featured in media from other organisations and the press, including BBC News, Sky News, COP26 TV, UN Podcast, Cartoon Network, the Guardian and ClimaTalk.
  • 2 delegates issued microgrants to support their campaigning.
  • 5 VR films created and screened in the Green Zone at COP26. The My Climate Reality videos feature young activists from the Philippines, Uganda, Columbia, India, and Brazil and show the effects of the climate crisis and the active resistance already underway and being led by youth.
  • 7 student staff were supported to represent Mock COP at COP26, speaking at 10+ events and panel discussions in the Blue and Green Zones, attending alongside 22+ Mock COP delegates.
  • Co-organised, with the UK Presidency, Government of Italy, UNESCO, and Youth4Climate, the first ever Education and Environment Ministers Summit at COP26 - Together for Tomorrow: Education and Climate Action. 21 nations provided pledges committing to climate education.
  • 1,600+ online views of What does meaningful youth leadership look like?presented in the Green Zone at COP26 and streamed via COP26’s official YouTube channel.
  • Delivered Teach the Teacher to the 'Permanent Secretary of the Department for Education' and invited key educationalists in their Gen Z COP26 classroom which was live-streamed to 10,000+ people.
  • Staff and delegates engaged several world leaders at COP26, including the President of Columbia, Presidentof Ghana, Prime Minister of Thailand, Prime Minister of Norway, Prime Ministerof Nepal, Vice-President of European Commission, and other high-level officials. Within the blue zone, they handed the Ministers postcards with Mock COP26 treaty asks.
  • 1 delegate participated in opening the Gender Day high-level event in the COP26 Blue Zone along with the 3.5m puppet, Little Amal, and other youth activists.
  • A member of student staff, together with YOUNGO, presented the Global Youth Statement (GYS) to the president of the United Nations General Assembly at COP26.
  • Delegates and campaigners actively lobbying in 30 countries since January 2021. For more details on the successful work completed in these countries, find more details in this infographic. Below is a map showing countries highlighted in green where we worked since January 2021.
A map of the world with the sea coloured a deep blue, countries are grey and green. The Mock COP logo is at the bottom left of the screen.