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Making the most of LinkedIn for your green jobs search with LinkedIn, in association with SOS-UK

Rajneet Bharaj
December 1, 2023

SOS-UK partnered with LinkedIn on 16th November, to deliver a session about ‘making the most of LinkedIn for your green jobs search’. We had over 100 participants attend the session and together we learnt about the ways we can use LinkedIn to search for job opportunities, how to build a professional profile and how to create an online presence by networking with others.

Jonny and Chris from LinkedIn explained the different ways and ideas for how to make the most of your LinkedIn account. This included boosting your profile and making it attractive for employers to read, using LinkedIn Learning to acquire additional online skills to add to your profile and searching for ‘green jobs’ to begin your environmental and/or sustainability career journey.

As a follow-up from the session, LinkedIn offered 1:1 conversations with a green coach. These were for participants who attended the session, looking to make their first or next career move. The coaches provided support on building a professional LinkedIn profile and connecting to green jobs and communities on the platform.

“…Thanks very much for all the information. I’ve never had to use LinkedIn before and only downloaded it last night, so this was very helpful. Thanks again” – Anonymous attendee

LinkedIn uses the term ‘green skills’ developed from our job roles, work experience and education suitable for ‘green jobs’. Examples of green jobs are those in the energy, transportation or environmental sectors. LinkedIn’s Global Green Skills Report 2023, mentions the different types of green skills such as environmental awareness, energy efficiency and sustainable design. These skills feed into job roles such as a landscape architect, utilities manager and agriculture specialist. These skills enable us to mitigate the impacts of the climate emergency and ecological crisis. The report continues to go into detail about the development of green skills and building the transition towards a greener future.

 “This has been extremely helpful, from the perspective of a university careers practitioner working with students interested in this sector … really appreciate this session being delivered” – University staff member