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Moving Community Organising online My World My Home students

In the recent unprecedented weeks with covid-19 protection measures including college closures, many My World My Home student teams have adapted their organising habits and projects to the online world. Keeping connected to support and motivate one another has never been more important.

Students Katie & Shakella [on the right] from Nottingham speaking with Abigail Malloy from Nottingham City Council about their Instagram collaboration.


Despite the challenging circumstances, many of the students are continuing where with their organising pursuits and in some cases seeing their organising through to campaign wins, and greater connections between their teammates.


This may be something to do with a rediscovery of online quizzes to kick off team organising meetings! So far the 00�s song endings quiz has been a particular favourite and recommended to bring some fun to sitting in front of a screen instead of face-to-face icebreakers.  


Organising on Zoom so far�

  • Students from New City College have been practicing their negotiation skills, ahead of their postponed meeting with a local councillor to try and get Hackney Council to better support local businesses to go plastic free.
  • The students at Nottingham College have been able to pursue a collaboration with Nottingham City Council�s recycling team, having been offered to design and post 6 of the council�s new Nottingham Recycles Instagram posts! This is a welcome campaign win for the students, in their campaign to make recycling communications more accessible across Nottingham city.
  • The move to online organising has given prospect for students to learn from each other across England in Wales, in online sharing webinars which are currently being brought together by the My World My Home team and students.


Stay tuned for wonderful moments of peer to peer organising! We look forward to sharing the details of how they continue to innovate organising campaigns online in the weeks to come.


In these unsettling times, look after yourselves, each other, and the planet.