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Nestle, stick with Fairtrade!

NUS and SOS-UK response to Nestle's decision to stop using Fairtrade cocoa and sugar in Kit Kat bars

On 24 June 2020 we sent a letter to Nestle's CEO Mark Schneider, in response to the concerning announcement they made to stop using Fairtrade-certified ingredients in Kit Kat bars.

Fairtrade is, and has been, a beacon for improving the lives of farmers and producers in the Global South for a number of years through trade. It is well known by both consumers and industry as one of the most reliable and robust certification schemes around, particularly in respect of its guaranteed minimum price for workers and the additional premium paid back to communities for use towards their social, economic or environmental development. Nestle's decision to move away from it at this time is a step backwards in our view and we urge them to reverse this decision and stick with Fairtrade.

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