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SOS-UK announced as charity partner for Student Nursing Times Awards 2024

Rachel Soper
February 15, 2024

In an exciting collaboration that aims to celebrate excellence in student nursing, we are thrilled to announce that SOS-UK has been chosen as the charity partner for the prestigious Student Nursing Times Awards 2024.

The Student Nursing Times Awards honour the outstanding achievements of student nurses, educators, and institutions that are advancing nursing education. By partnering with SOS-UK, a leading sustainability-focused education charity dedicated to empowering students to drive positive change, the awards will shine a light on the importance of student-led sustainability action, and sustainability in the nursing and midwifery profession.

SOS-UK supports students from all disciplines to champion sustainability and social justice in their institutions and community. SOS-UK's mission aligns with the values of the nursing profession, where compassionate care and a commitment to creating a healthier, more equitable world are paramount.

SOS-UK runs campaigns like the SDG Teach In and Responsible Futures, which aim to embed sustainability across all forms of education like a golden thread. We believe that every student should be a sustainability student, whether they’re studying nursing, midwifery, or any other discipline in or outside healthcare!  

SOS-UK also runs Green Impact, a workplace learning and awards programme that empowers staff to create positive change in their workplace. Green Impact runs in many healthcare settings across the UK, with many nurses and other healthcare professionals learning about sustainability at work, and taking action as a result. You can read about some of our latest impact in General Practice here.  

SOS-UK President, Larissa Kennedy, said "We hope this collaboration will encourage attendees to consider the environmental impact of healthcare practices and promote the integration of sustainable principles into the nursing curriculum. Nursing is a profession that holds tremendous potential for positive change, and by working together, we hope to inspire the next generation of nurses to lead the way in creating a more sustainable and socially just healthcare system."

As the countdown begins for the Student Nursing Times Awards 2024, we look forward to an event that not only recognise academic excellence but also elevates the conversation around sustainability and responsibility in nursing. By aligning with SOS-UK, the awards set a precedent for the future of the healthcare community, emphasising the crucial role nurses play in building a healthier, more just, and sustainable future for us all.

You can donate to SOS-UK to help us further our work here.