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Speakers announced for Decolonising the University!

People & Planet�s Go Green Week is taking place from the 10th-14th February. As part of this the NUS and Students Organising for Sustainability, UK are co-hosting and organising a webinar exploring �Decolonising the University�. Below we announce our two speakers and provide all the details you need to get involved!

Chloe Batten and Adnan Rahman will be the speakers joining Fope Olaleye - NUS Black Students� Officer - for the �Decolonising the University� webinar taking place this Go Green Week.

Chloe is Education Officer and Deputy President at the University of Warwick Students' Union. Decolonial and anti-racist organising has been a key priority for her at the University of Warwick. Part of Chloe�s election manifesto included �more investment into decolonization and liberation projects such as The Decolonize Project and Hidden Histories, to centre historically marginalized communities�. Chloe has also been working alongside academics to link this work to other connected areas in education such as anti-racist pedagogical practise and closing the Black attainment gap.

Adnan Rahman is Education Officer at the University of Leicester Students' Union (�ULSU�) and NUS Black Students Campaign NEC 2nd Place. Decolonising the curriculum was one of the campaigns that inspired Adnan to become an Executive Officer and �Decolonisation of the Curriculum� is a team priority as part of ULSU�s 2019/20 Collaborative Executive Officer Manifesto.�

Chloe and Adnan will share the decolonial work they have been undertaking, including how the campaign began on their campuses, as well as the aims, demands, progress and learnings since. 


Fope will be facilitating the webinar, with support from Claire Sosienski Smith - Vice-President (Higher Education). 

�Decolonising the University� is taking place as part of People & Planet�s Go Green Week, which is focused on ending CO2lonialism and exposing the colonial legacies UK universities have with an intention to start undoing them. 

The webinar has been set up to platform the decolonial work and campaigns currently taking place across UK campuses and to support folk at other campuses to start exploring how they might start decolonising/work with other campuses if this work is already being undertaken! 


If you wish to submit questions beforehand please send them to laura.clayson@sos-uk.org and simmone.ahiaku@nus.org There will be space to ask questions during the webinar too.

You might want to host a screening of the webinar as part of your plans for #GoGreenWeek - invite others along & use it as a way to discuss decolonising your campus afterwards!

All you need to know

What: �Decolonising the University� webinar

Who: NUS and Students Organising for Sustainability, UK

Who for: students, student officers & SU staff supporting student campaigners

When: 2-3.15pm, Thursday 13th February in Go Green Week

Where: On Skype - Join Skype Meeting   


Extra info for joining the webinar

Please check the webinar link (under 'All you need to know�) before the webinar to ensure you have the necessary plug-ins etc installed:

  1. Click the Join Skype Meeting link
  2. A web page will open asking �how would you like to join the meeting?�

a). Install and join with Skype Meetings App (web)

b). Join with Skype for Business (desktop)

  1. Select the first option, download the Skype Meetings App plug-in 
  2. Click �run� if prompted
  3. Then the website will offer you to �Join the Meeting� 
  4. Clicking �Join the Meeting� will open a new window where you can enter your name and begin the call

Can�t make it, but want to listen in?

The webinar will be recorded so you can catch up afterwards without missing out.  


Proposed structure/agenda 

2.05pm: Introductions from Fope

2.15-2.25pm: Adnan shares Leicester campus campaign 

2.25-2.35pm: Chloe shares campus campaign 

2.35-2.50pm: Questions previously submitted and pre-prepared question

2.50-3.10pm: Claire asks questions that have been submitted in the course of the webinar

3.10-3.15pm: Closing thoughts from Fope