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Celebrating volunteers in our sustainable accommodation campaign

Franceska Fisher
July 13, 2023

Our student-led sustainability campaign in university residences, empowers volunteers to drive sustainability and make a lasting impact. Through competitions, quizzes and in-person events this year, we have engaged with more than 10,000 students.  

Sustainable accommodation campaign relies on passionate volunteers who champion sustainable living and environmental awareness. Their efforts inspire others to adopt eco-friendly habits, take responsibility for their impact and recognise the influence they have to create systemic change. Volunteers leverage their creativity and communication skills to raise awareness about energy consumption and its environmental impact. Through engaging presentations, workshops, and social media campaigns, these volunteers educate their peers, teachers, and community members about the significance of energy conservation and wider sustainability impacts while living at university. By emphasizing the importance of everyday behavioural changes, such as changing heating settings and using electronic devices efficiently, they inspire others to adopt eco-friendly habits in their daily lives.

This work is even more important in the context of the current cost of living crisis and energy crisis, which has led to some students in the private rented sector reducing the heating, and feeling uncomfortably cold. With energy bills remaining high, it’s vital to ensure students understand how to save energy at home without resorting to turning off the heating.

“How would you describe your volunteer experience overall? Pleasant and insightful. Volunteering at SOS-UK influenced my dissertation topic!”
Microgrants: Driving Change Locally:

We offered the student volunteers a chance to apply to a microgrant fund to receive money to initiate projects that promote eco-friendly practices within educational institutions and local communities. These innovative projects focusing on energy conservation, waste reduction, and environmental education within universities and communities.

Examples of Sustainable accommodation campaign microgrant projects include; Tips on how to reduce food waste (and save money), a blog post sharing sustainability tips for international students, and a video sharing top tips to live sustainably at university

“Being a volunteer in the Sustainable Residence has been an incredibly rewarding experience... It has allowed me to actively engage with like-minded individuals, learn about sustainable living, and promote eco-friendly habits within the community. The hands-on experience of implementing recycling programs, organising energy-saving initiatives, and raising awareness about sustainable practices has been both educational and inspiring”

Sustainable accommodation campaign volunteers, through their dedication, inspire sustainable change at the grassroots level. Their projects not only improve the environment but also cultivate a sense of responsibility among students. Through this work, we contribute to a greener future driven by passionate individuals committed to creating a sustainable world.

If you are interested in bringing Sustainable accommodation campaign to your campus, please contact emma.lewins@sos-uk.org.