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The Big Climate Fightback is on!

In the lead up to November 30th, we are encouraging young people to come together and promote the importance of woods and trees. We are giving away grants to support with planning the event so let us know if you need funding.

By 2025 we recognize the need for the UK to become carbon neutral and hope to have planted a tree for every person in the country. We hope that you can be a part of this tree planting movement, but if you�re unable to there are still other ways that you can help out! 

If you have a spare 2 minutes..

Sign the Tree Charter

The Charter for Trees, Woods and People sets out the principles for a society in which people and trees can stand stronger together. We urge you to sign and share the charter far and wide in order to build on our awareness and highlight the importance of trees in our local environments: https://sign.treecharter.uk/page/6023/petition/1

Download Ecosia

If you haven�t already, make sure to download Ecosia across all of your devices in order to help fund reforestation projects around the globe by searching online with this awesome search engine. This is just like Google or Bing, but they use 80% of its profits for regeneration projects, which is just awesome!  (https://www.ecosia.org)

Follow us on social media 

You can keep up to date with us on @studentsfortrees on Instagram, @studentfortrees on Twitter and Students for Trees on Facebook for all of our competitions, events and useful tree related information. Like, Share and get involved with all of our projects and competitions if you�d like too. They say that you have to be in it to win, so make sure you�re in it ;)

Post a picture with #TheBigClimateFightback

Another great way of boosting awareness, being silly and hugging a tree along with connecting with like minded tree lovers online and seeing who has the best shot of nature..


Pick up some litter

It�s all too easy to think that someone else will pick up that piece of litter, why should I do it? Well, if you don�t pick it up then there is a very high possibility that the persons whose job it is might not get there in time! This then results in that piece of rubbish entering our water supply or worse, ending up in the belly of a helpless seagull or whale who thinks that it�s a tasty snack - NOT cool!! So next time you see some trash on your walk, give nature a helping hand and be the hero.

Share this article with your friends

The more people who know about the Tree Charter, the quicker we can help nature out and get back on track to living in harmony with our planet and hopefully stop destroying it as quickly!

Donate to a Tree focused charity 

Help to support the charities who are rejuvenating our landscapes: Woodlands Trust, SizeOfWales, FriendsOfTheEarth, TreesForCities and more...



If you have more time...

Email your local M.P

Lobby your local M.P to increase the town or cities tree coverage and green spaces by getting a group of friends together, writing your own proposal letter and get signatures in support of it. 

Go �Plogging� with some friends!

Exercise is great for the mind and body, especially after a hard day at work or University. Joining forces with litter picking and you�re on your way to a winning combination here! This trend has been on the up since we first heard about it from Sweden, with more countries being taken over by the craze and even organising mass plogging events. How cool is that? This is something which you can do by yourself if you wanted too, but it�s always more fun in a group :)  

T(r)ea Party

If you didn�t fancy plogging, then you could always take a moment to enjoy nature within your local woodland area at a slower pace. Why not make a day out of it with your friends, bring a picnic and immerse yourself. Reconnecting back to nature always brings us back at ease and a great way of being in the present moment, as we tend to always think about the past or the future which easily disconnects us from the here and NOW.

Host a documentary screening

This is a great way to bring your friends and local community together by hosting a screening of an environmentally focused documentary. You could do this to help raise awareness of current environmental issues and allow a space for discussions afterwards about the importance of trees and carbon sequestration in combating climate change. You could then make it that much sweeter by collecting donations for a tree planting based charity, if you choose too.

Organise a litter picking event 

If you�re able to get a hold of litter picking equipment from your local council or Woodland Trust office, then you could muscle up some of your volunteers once a week or month to help tackle the pollution within your woodland areas.


Arts and Crafts party

Reforesting isn�t the only way we can bring to the front the importance of trees and woods - hosting a relaxing afternoon of painting and crafting is just as good of a way to bring people closer to the cause. 

Photo or art competition 

Host your own photo or art competition to raise awareness of the Tree Charter which could be done all online, or if you�re able to secure a venue, even better!                      

Poetry slam

Express the importance of trees and woodlands through the magic of the written word. You could host the event as a fundraiser to help your society or even a tree planting charity!

Have a stall on campus

Speak to your Students Union so you and your team could have a stall on your campus to raise awareness of the Tree Charter! Even better if you can encourage more societies to sign up and become a Tree Charter branch.


Juicing, picking, canning and jam making

Celebrate the tastier things that trees give us through producing delicious jams and juices from tree fruits.

Email us at studentsfortrees@nus.org.uk if you need funding or if you need any help with planning!