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Unite Students Positive Impact programme helps win an award!

James Tiernan, Group Energy and Environment Manager for Unite Students won EDIE'S 2019 Energy Management Leader of the Year award and their 'Green Impact' programme supported this win.

Unite Students have been taking part in 'Green Impact' since 2014 and have rebranded their programme to Positive Impact which is a collaboration between Unite Students and NUS, delivering a bespoke programme that includes a wide range of sustainability initiatives, including social impact and wellbeing.

In 2017/18 teams from across Unite Students were awarded with 15 Gold, 4 Silver, 4 Bronze Awards and 2 working towards for their achievements and are the first private accommodation provider to take part in our NUS programme. 

Positive Impact was highlighted as one of the schemes in place at Unite which helped James to achieve this award. The scheme was said to be  'innovative and sector-leading... addressing a wider range of sustainability themes and building significant engagement with employees and customers on issues including energy and carbon.'

We're thrilled that our collaboration with Unite has been recognised in these sector wide awards and just shows how our programmes support a wide range of organisations to tackle their sustainability challenges in a positive and innovative way. 

Read more about Unite's Postive Impact programme here.