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Want our support with sustainability

Did you know that the NUS sustainability team can provide consultancy support to complement your Green Impact programme or develop the sustainability skills at your organisation?

The NUS sustainability team offers both off-the shelf and bespoke training solutions - including auditing, mentoring and remote support directly relating to Green Impact.

Most recently we visited Northampton Students' Union to run a training session on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). As part of the union's annual Green Impact Students' Union subscription, they chose to include a day's sustainability training. The theme and focus of the session was refined over the course of the year to address some of the specific challenges they were experiencing, and make substantive progress on a particular sustainability issue. Like many organisations, the university and the students' union were at the beginning stages of trying to understand and adopt the relevant issues on ESD for their students, so this was chosen as the theme of the day long session, and having a formalised training enabled them to bring together all the relevant individuals.

With a mixture of senior university staff, union staff and officers in the room, different experiences and viewpoints were shared in order to try and identify their collective vision for ESD at Northampton University. Whilst this is only the beginning of the conversation for the team at Northampton, the joint training session has encouraged them to work more collaboratively across sustainability as a whole. Their valuable discussions are able to feed into the students' union's Green Imact submission, and the timing of this spring training has meant that opportunities have already been identified to shape courses over the summer period to put their ideas into practice for students in autumn. 

If you'd like to discuss any potential consultancy support in the form of training, additional support to run Green Impact, or bespoke audits or mentoring to further the sustainability agenda at your organisation, please speak with your NUS Sustainability Project Officer or contact sustainability@nus.org.uk.