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What is it like working at SOS-UK?

Rachel Soper
December 2, 2021

In October 2021, we took on seven new members of staff at SOS-UK, growing our passionate team. Read how some of them found their first month working at SOS-UK. We are currently recruiting for a further two roles, which you can read more about at the end of the article!

Kedijah Eaves-O’Connor (pictured at the top of this article delivering training with students) joined us as a project manager, based in Nottingham.

“It has been wonderful to join SOS-UK’s team, all of whom are friendly, welcoming, and genuinely amazing people! In my first month, I have been introduced to and begun working on a range of projects and campaigns such as Green Impact and Student Switch Off. I thoroughly enjoy delivering training to students and working closely with my contacts at universities, hospitals, and research centres. I have been given stellar guidance, support and advice from my wonderful line manager and fellow project managers which has helped me to settle well into the SOS-UK working life. Being an SOS-UK Project Manager has made me realise there are SO many wonderful ways you can get involved with sustainability – there’s a whole plethora of campaigns and projects we run. The list is (probably) endless! A job like this has been my dream. To be able to champion for the environment through education and learning, to be innovative and creative, to work alongside equally passionate people. It’s safe to say that it’s been a whirlwind first month at SOS-UK, and I can’t wait to see how I develop and grow in my role over the years.”

Alex Day joined us as a Green Mentor project manager, based in Norwich.

“In October, a new role began. Green Mentor Project Manager. The title bestowed a strong sense of responsibility on my lifestyle choices. Old habits were called into scrutiny and I spent the month avoiding supermarkets when I got peckish and using a wooden mushroom to darn some of the holes in my socks. Championing independent suppliers and reducing waste could well be concepts for a Green Influencer Scheme, I reasoned, and it is just I practice what I preach. The first month in this new socially-conscious role has gone quickly and the whole team at SOS-UK have helped generously to hook me into the shared drive, Slack, Teams’ channels and other digital platforms that make remote working possible. Thanks particularly to Michelle, my manager, for encouragement and support. Going forward, my hope is to begin a few Green Influencer Schemes before the year ends, likely with Great Yarmouth’s Scouts and after school at Sprowston Community Academy. I hope they’re into darning socks.”

A photo of cardboard banners being painted on some grass

Marta Nowicka joined us as a project manager, based in Sheffield:

“I'd definitely describe my first month as "learning by doing". There was some time to learn about the programmes, explore the website and the like, but other than that I got tasks and responsibilities from the start, and even co-delivered a training session at one of our partner institutions only 2 weeks in. The programmes I'm working on are varied, which makes the work very exciting, truly no two days are the same. I'm also very lucky that my starting date coincided with opportunities to meet many of the colleagues in person - such a treat when you work remotely! Can't wait to see what else my future at SOS-UK brings :)”

A photo of SOS-UK team members Marta and Celine delivering training at a University

Four of our new team members, Rajneet, Erica, Franceska and Sumaiyah, were hired through Race for Nature, a scheme which is utilising the government’s Kickstart scheme to diversify the environmental sector (read all about them here).

Thanks to all our new team members for bringing their skills, knowledge and passion to SOS-UK and supporting us to further our work. If you’re interested in joining the team, we currently have a number of vacancies available. The roles will be key to delivering our transformational sustainability programmes and campaigns. You can find out more about the roles and apply here.

For future opportunities, make sure to follow us on social media as all our vacancies are posted across our channels.