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Candidates for Change

Supporting university students to consider their impact through careers
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Prospective applicants and newly-employed graduates can help influence employers to do more for sustainability, from investing their pensions more ethically to paying a real living wage to all workers.

As outlined in our guide for students, this can be at various points of the recruitment process:

  • before applying (e.g. background research)
  • when applying (e.g. careers fairs and interviews)
  • after applying (and starting new role)

This pilot campaign seeks to engage students on this area through focussed workshops and other engagement led by SOS-UK. Our thanks to the two pilot universities: Coventry University and the University of Edinburgh.

Other universities are welcome to express an interest in supporting the campaign and we will respond to you later in the year if we secure more funding.



Our six-page student guide on the area: https://sos-uk.org/resources-file/candidates-for-change-guide

Digital promotion

We have produced a guide to support outreach on social media: https://sos-uk.webo.family/index.php/s/eiyPZRzwbBitXnf

Workshop materials

These are freely available for you to deliver independently should you wish to - please get in touch to request them.

Branding and student guide design done by Paper Rhino.

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