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Student Engagement in Residences

Engagement programmes in university residences & the private rented sector
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We run a range of campaigns and initiatives to engage and empower students on sustainability and wellbeing where they live.

"An inspirational campaign that has greatly helped me and other students to help the movement of sustainability." - Student Switch Off participant 2019-20

Residence Campaign

Delivered under our Student Switch Off brand, or as part of your university sustainability branding, is our multi award-winning student sustainability engagement programme, providing a campaign within student accommodation to achieve quantifiable energy, waste and water reductions.

The campaign develops students' sustainability knowledge and carbon literacy, focusing on enhancing student experience and empowerment.

To find out if your university is taking part in the programme and how you can get involved, visit our Sustainable Accommodation pages.

Wellbeing Sprints

Whilst living in residences students can be supported via our wellbeing sprints to take action, increase awareness and be engaged in a range of wellbeing topics to enhance their residential experience.

Across the academic year SOS-UK will run three Wellbeing Sprints focused around different themes:

  • Alcohol Harm Reduction
  • Community Sprint
  • Self-care Sprint

This work builds upon the years of experience SOS-UK have improving student health and wellbeing as a core part of our vision for a more just and sustainable society. Find out more about our work on Alcohol, Drugs and Student Wellbeing.

Recycling Audits

Recycling audits in residences provide a visual check of student recycling at key points in the year to both feedback performance to students, and to provide a greater understanding on recycling habits. Students are incentivised and informed on how to improve correct waste segregation to support improvement of recycling efficiency. SOS-UK deliver the audits either in conjunction with the Residence Engagement Campaign or run as an independent stand alone option.

Private Rented Sector

Our research shows that students living in private rented accommodation are likely to experience poor quality housing, feel uncomfortably cold, struggle to pay energy bills and experience impacts on mental health as a result of their accommodation.

SOS-UK's private rented sector engagement campaign raises awareness of energy topics such as saving money, choosing suppliers, house hunting, efficiency measures and heating management to support students who may be vulnerable to energy poverty.

View our energy advice for renters.

How the campaigns work

Across the year students are supported to take sustainable action through a programme of engagement activities delivered by SOS-UK. Find out how the campaigns run and what is included in the campaign over the year.

Visit our Sustainable Accommodation pages.

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