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Teach the Parent

Engaging parents in meaningful conversations about the climate crisis
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Climate education can be provided outside educational institutions

Teach the Parent puts young people in the educators seat as they provide climate education to their parents or guardians through informal conversations, which inspire action towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Individual decisions within the household (for example, which energy provider is used, or the companies that goods are purchased from) can have a huge effect on global emissions. Young people don’t necessarily get to make these decisions – but they can educate their parents, guardians and carers about what matters and why.

Young people are frustrated by the lack of climate action from our political leaders. Teach the Parent tackles that frustration with real, cumulative action. Every month we host a live stream with influencers and experts on a different key topic, suggesting how to broach these climate conversations and with three easy follow-up actions.

If you are a young person, parent, or educator, join the movement now to receive this support!

Parents pledge to “make changes to my day to day life to help tackle climate change, and to support my family in their own efforts to address climate change and its impacts.”