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Fossil fuel divestment in higher education

Whilst part of NUS, we carried out research into attitudes towards divestment from fossil fuels, and reinvestment into renewable energy, with students and staff in universities across the UK.

Research was conducted in November and December 2015, collecting views from around 3700 students, student officers and staff in higher education on a range of issues related to investments and research…

  • 44% agree that their university should remove investments from fossil fuel companies and industries
  • 46% agree that their university should phase out research that contributes to continued use of fossil fuels
  • 42% agree that their university should stop partnering with fossil fuel companies
  • 50% of students say that they would be more likely to donate to their university, later in their career, if they knew the institution had stopped investing in fossil fuels
  • 87% agree that their university should invest in renewable energy
  • 85% say their university should buy or generate more renewable energy

Our report details further insights from the research, or read more about our work related to sustainable finance.


Divestment and reinvestment - Attitudes in higher education