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Law, policy and the environment

We asked students for their views on issues related to the protection of the environment through law and policy, and through their own personal action.
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Over 2500 students in higher and further education told us they views on issues linked to environmental protection:

  • Climate change (27%), poverty (27%) and education (26%) are issues respondents felt senior politicians are not discussing enough.
  • Brexit (52%), immigration (36%) and conflict and wars (18%) are issues respondents feel have too much discussion devoted to them.
  • 50% think that when the UK leaves the EU, it should pass laws that offer the environment higher levels of protection than the current EU laws.
  • Climate change (49%) and reducing avoidable waste (47%) are seen as key issues that new environmental protection legislation should include.
  • 69% say they would be more likely to vote for a political party that increased action to protect the environment.
  • Most commonly reported actions linked to helping to protect the environment are signing a petition (58%) and taking personal action (55%).
  • 69% say there should be more opportunities for people like them to take action to help protect the environment.
  • 12% say they are part of a club or group that helps the environment outside of formal education.


Student Opinion - Law, policy and the environment - 2018