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Student opinion: careers and the fossil fuel industry

We undertook a survey in Spring 2023 of 2,728 students to gain a better understanding of student career prospects and their perspectives on fossil fuel industry funding. This sample was collected through the NUS TOTUM cardholder database.

This research was carried out to find out more about what students think about the issues related to our Breaking the Bank campaign which supports students to campaign for the world's biggest banks to stop pouring trillions into the fossil fuel industry.

The key findings from the research are:

  • 79% of students say that the chance to work for a business/organisation that makes a difference to social and environmental issues will be important to them when choosing jobs to apply for
  • 50% of students are not confident in their understanding in the links between UK banks and the fossil fuel industry
  • After receiving information on the links between the fossil fuel industry and the banking and finance sector, out of the respondents who would consider a career in the banking and finance sector, only 16% say they would consider a job or career in a company that currently funds the fossil fuel industry and plans to continue doing so

Read the full research report below for more details or check out the Breaking the Bank campaign.


Careers, banking and finance and the fossil fuel industry