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Student perspectives on climate change and mental health

In April 2023, over 2500 students in higher and further education answered our survey (sent out to student TOTUM cardholders) about their feelings on climate change. Here’s what they told us…

  • 77% say, at the time of completing the survey, they feel very or fairly worried about climate change
  • 60% say their feelings are strongly, mostly or moderately described by..."At times I find myself thinking and worrying what the world will be like in the future because of climate change"
  • 12% report that their thoughts or feelings around climate change interfere with their wellbeing or cause problems for them
  • When respondents think about climate change, they most commonly say they 'very much' or 'moderately' feel interested (68%), sad, (63%) or helpless (62%)

You can read the findings in more detail by downloading the report.

Find out more about young people, mental health and climate change, including steps to take if these findings relate to you, in this article provided by Dr Rhiannon Thompson from Imperial College London.


SOS-UK - Student perspectives on climate change and mental health