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Students, climate change and COP26

We asked students in further and higher education in the UK about their views, understand and experiences of climate change and issues related to the COP26 climate change negotiations, held in Glasgow in 2021.

Just over 1200 students responded to the survey in September 2021, revealing:

  • 90% are either concerned or very concerned about climate change
  • 40% of respondents say they know at least something about the UK’s approach to tackling climate change
  • However 26% say they know at least something about what COP26 is trying to achieve
  • The most commonly reported response is that respondents ‘don’t know’ how their views, experiences and concerns related to climate change are represented at COP26.
  • For those that do know (60%), 13% see their views and experiences being represented
  • For the goals outlined for the COP, more respondents believe the UK is not doing enough to deliver on the goals than believe enough is being done. For example 52% believe not enough is being done on mobilising finance to support climate action in developing countries, compared to 11% that think enough is being done
  • More than half of respondents believe climate change will have only negative consequences in the region where they live (54%) and in the world overall (58%)

Read the full research findings by downloading our report.


SOS-UK - Student Opinion - Climate change and COP26