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Students talk climate

Britain Talks Climate is an evidence-based toolkit designed to support any organisation that wants to engage the British public on climate change. Based on More in Common's core beliefs approach, Climate Outreach developed a tool which segments people based on 16 'golden questions' that ask them about their values and beliefs.

The research was carried out with UK general public, and in August 2022, we used these 16 questions in a new survey with students across the UK. The survey was sent to students who are TOTUM student cardholders and we received 1655 responses. The responses from the survey were inputted into the Climate Outreach segmentation calculator to find out how many respondents are in each segment.

In the report, we outline:

  • the key characteristics of each segment and the differences between them
  • differences between the survey carried out with the students and the national survey results
  • detailed breakdowns of each segment

Read our summary findings below or download the full report at the bottom of the page.


SOS-UK Students Talk Climate segmentation research final report