COP26 Educators' Commitment to Climate Action: Signatories

This is the current list of the COP26 Educators' Commitment to Climate Action signatories. Please note, we will aim to update the list every few days. There are currently over 110 signatories.

Fiona Goodwin (EAUC - The Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education)

Dr Paul Vare (University of Gloucestershire)

Sue Henderson (University of Oxford)

Wendy M. Purcell (Harvard University)

Matt Green (South Devon College)

Peter Glavič (University of Maribor)

Dr James Derounian (Society of Local Council Clerks/ De Montfort University, UK)

Professor Zoe Robinson (Keele University)

Making Tomorrow (Making Tomorrow)

Laurence Frewin (South Devon College of Further & Higher Education)

Dr. Brennan Lagasse (Sierra Nevada University)

African Network for Sustainable Development Education - ANSDE

Fraser Lovie (University of Aberdeen)

Kinvara Jardine Paterson (World's Largest Lesson)

De Montfort University Louise Barlow (South Devon College)

Dr Catherine Heinemeyer (York St John University)

Rebecca Laycock Pedersen (Blekinge Institute of Technology)

Tom Davey (South Devon College)

Peter Phelps (University of Bath)

George Lovesmith (University of Bath & UWE Bristol)

Emma Emanuelsson (University of Bath)

Stephen Allen (University of Bath)

Ben Reynolds (South Devon College)

Janet Davies (UCL Institute of Education)

Professor Brian Webster-Henderson (University of Cumbria)

Clare Power (University of Bath)

Thomas Davis (South Devon College)

Matthew Barth (Faculty Director of Sustainability at University of California Riverside)

Prof Bjorn Heile (University of Glasgow)

Keith Mannock (Birkbeck, University of London)

Sarah Gilbert (Chichester College)

Marie Allègre (University of Birmingham)

Andrew Oldham (Hopwood Hall College)

Sarah Kennedy (Imperial College London)

Dr Bjørn Peterson (University of Glasgow)

Eva Cooney (Falmouth University)

Olivia Hamlyn (Birkbeck, University of London)

Anna Fox (University of Liverpool)

Goronwy Bradley Davies (University of Wales College Newport)

Heather E Fitzke (University College London)

Chloe Drysdale (South Devon College)

Harjinder Singh (Birmingham City University)

Dr Magnus Hagdorn (University of Edinburgh)

Carina Mansey (King's College London)

Harini Laxminarayan (Teesside University)

Michael Given (University of Glasgow)

Dr. Audrey Small (University of Sheffield)

Dr Jennifer A Rudd (Swansea University)

Peter Wilson (Hull University)

Dr Steve Cayzer (University of Bath)

Jacquie Kelly (University of Southampton)

Monique Clarke (University of Bath)

Dr Simon Goodman (De Montfort University)

Elsa Devienne (Northumbria University)

Kate Anderson (Wirral Met College)

Dr. Justine Mercer (University of Warwick and University and College Union)

James Everest (University College London)

Amanda Power (University of Oxford)

Lindsey Johnson (Craven College)

Rachel Lander (University of Westminster)

Melanie Erangey (Shipley College)

Martin Fergie (The University of Manchester)

Bridie Moore (University of Huddersfield)

Caroline Tagg (The Open University)

Eleanor Carol Stillman (University of Sheffield)

Julie Van de Vyver (Durham University)

Adriana Consorte-McCrea (Canterbury Christ Church University)

Jackie Malcolm Duncan (Jordanstone College of Art, Design & Architecture at the University of Dundee)

Claire White (Bath College)

Mohamed Bouzendag (Mind Intelligence)

Roya Azizi (CSUDH)

Julie Johnston (Green Heart Education)

Lisa Atkinson (Primary School)

Elena Lengthorn (School of  Education, University of Worcester)  

Louise Atkinson  (The National Education Union and Primary School)    

Zhi Ma  (Shanghai University of International Business and Economics)

Diana Caroline Njama   (YEPSA)

Dr Richard Blanchard  (Loughborough  University)

Helen Barker  (Sandwell College)

Dr Sigrun M. Wagner  (Royal Holloway,  University of London)

Christopher  Rowland   (University of Oxford)

James Godfrey  (Australian  National University)    

Mark E. Harrison  (University of Exeter)    

Dr Laura Purcell-Gates  (Bath Spa  University)    

Tom Butterworth  (Lancashire Adult Learning)    

Helen Barker  (Sandwell  College)

Douglas Halliday  (Durham University)

Eleanor Murray  (NHS)    

Kristen MacKenzie-Shalders  (Bond University)    

Alejandro Velasco  (ICCA Sprach  Institut Bogotá)   

Julie Smith (New College Swindon)   

Melanie Crowley   (South and City College Birmingham)    

Aldo Mussi  (Birmingham City University)    

Paul Vare  (University of  Gloucestershire)    

Helen Druiff  (Cambridge Regional College)    

Charles Larkin  (University of  Bath, Institute for Policy Research)    

Dr David Dixon  (Author of 'Leadership for Sustainability: Saving the Planet  One School At A Time')    

Mark Lallemand  (Secondary  School teacher and NEU member)

Nick Nuttall (We Don't Have Time)

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