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Coming soon: New SOS-UK toolkit now under construction!

July 13, 2022

SOS-UK’s unique online toolkit software underpins many of our sustainability education and engagement programmes, including Green Impact, Green Impact Students’ Unions, Responsible Futures, Alcohol Impact/Drug and Alcohol Impact, Hedgehog Friendly Campus, and the Fairtrade University & College Award.

Our toolkits break down the often-complex world of sustainability into simple, manageable actions; supporting a wide range of staff and students to take direct action towards environmental and social sustainability.

Our current toolkit system has served us well for over ten years, but the time has come for an upgrade. We have decided to invest in a brand-new toolkit system, so that we can add new features (such as making the toolkit more mobile friendly), future proof our programmes, and make toolkit processes quicker and easier to drastically improve user experience and boost programme engagement.

To build the new and improved toolkit, we have partnered with a workers’ co-operative development agency called Co-operative Web, who match our ethos and understand what we are trying to achieve. As of June 2022, we have completed the scoping phase and are now moving onto the build of the new system. It is hoped that we will be ready to launch the new toolkit software across our programmes in early 2023!

A huge thank you to all the organisations that have participated in our programmes over the years; your continued support is allowing us to make this new toolkit a reality. If you currently use our toolkit system, you will continue to be able to access the current system until we are ready to re-launch on the new system. We will be sharing timelines and instructions with all those affected once we have details.

If you are interested in working with any of our programmes using the brand-new toolkit, get in touch via our Contact page.