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Green Impact

Our UNESCO award-winning change and engagement programme for workplaces
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Green Impact is a UNESCO award-winning programme designed to support environmentally and socially sustainable practice within organisations.

We have been supporting organisations since 2009 in engaging staff and students with sustainability. We have worked with nearly 2,000 organisations including universities, students' unions, hospitals, research institutes and local councils in embedding over half a million sustainability actions in places of work, living and study.

The model has been developed based on behaviour change and engagement models and its flexible approach means it can be tailored to meet each organisation's unique needs and priorities.

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Green Impact can:

- Help you and your colleagues envisage what sustainability looks like for your organisation.

- Set out a structured framework for ongoing improvements, to enable everyone to make a change and track their progress.

- Create widespread, lasting change across teams and departments.

- Encourage collaboration and team-building.

- Provide opportunities for knowledge and skill development centred around sustainability.


Bespoke online toolkit

Whether you’re taking your first steps into sustainability, or feel like there’s nothing left for you to do – you can make meaningful, visible progress in just one year of Green Impact, whatever your starting point.

Our online toolkit software breaks the often complex world of sustainability down into simple, manageable actions but allows for creativity, ambition and growth.

Teams of colleagues and students can use the toolkit to plan their activities, record their progress and upload evidence – building confidence and enabling light competition to drive further positive change.

Support for you and your teams

Change doesn’t just happen – we need to feel encouraged, supported and be led by example to really take on new habits and behaviours. We support organisations to deliver meaningful and timely communications and create networks across programmes to share learning.

We also develop, deliver, and support training for participants in a wide range of knowledge and skills. Our suite of workshops and IEMA-approved auditor training are delivered for staff and students by our team of experienced and passionate facilitators.

Audits and reporting

Green Impact is more than a pledging scheme. Teams are assessed on their progress to ensure they are creating meaningful, lasting change. Students are a fundamental part of the programme, as local students volunteer to attend our IEMA-approved environmental auditing course, to put their skills into practice and audit your Green Impact teams. This opportunity gives them fantastic development opportunities so they can leave their education as passionate change makers.


We recognise the work of teams within each organisation by supporting you to host award events to celebrate the collective achievements of teams in embedding sustainable practices into their place of work, living or study. The student auditors use our framework to assess the award level for each of your teams. The awards celebrate and recognise the achievements of staff and students who have worked outside the parameters of their everyday roles, to create lasting change.

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Find out more about Green Impact and how to bring this to your organisation by visiting the Green Impact website here.