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Banking with Who?

Supporting students to choose more ethical bank accounts
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This was a pilot campaign, run during 2021, to engage college and sixth-form students to consider sustainability when opening their first bank account.

Funding for this campaign has now ended, however opportunities to get involved are still outlined below, with all resources freely published.

Many of our banks still pour huge amounts of money into destructive industries like fossil fuels and weapons, however it could be used as a force for good instead - check out our video below for background!

Workshop for colleges and sixth-forms

We have developed a workshop aimed at college and sixth-forms to engage students on the area.


The session will look at the history of banks, the current issues with our banking system and what we can do about it. We’ll explore some of the harmful practices that big corporate banks are involved with, and look at examples where banks or similar institutions are doing things differently.

Students will get the chance to think about what they consider when choosing a bank account and look at how to spot a more ethical bank. We have also published a complementary student-friendly guide on the area.


Various formats that are 1, 1.5 or 2 hours long (including breaks). We can be flexible to meet your requirements e.g. condensing slightly or splitting the workshop into halves over different weeks.


In-person or virtual. We also encourage student ambassadors to get involved with workshop delivery if they are interested.

Find out more

Via e-mail at hello@sos-uk.org

Student ambassadors

Are you are a student interested in getting more involved in the campaign and promoting ethical banking to others?

Some things you could get involved in include:

  • Persuading your college or sixth-form to host a workshop (for example, this could be through your students' union or relevant course tutors)
  • Spreading the campaign message on social media
  • Helping deliver a workshop to other students e.g. you could share your own experience/learnings as part of this to the group
  • Other ideas you have are welcome!

Check out our ambassador handbook to find out more!


Free for everyone to use

Written guide

Available in English or Cymraeg/Welsh


3-minute overview of the campaign, including some of the issues and possible solutions: 

-It's also on a not-for-profit PeerTube platform (no adverts!)
-And downloadable for
offline use too

Digital promotion

Guides to spread the word online:

Workshop materials

These are freely available for you to deliver independently should you wish to - please get in touch to request them.

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Colleges and sixth-forms:

Book our workshop which will support students in choosing a more ethical bank account.


Become a student ambassador for the campaign and help spread the word to your peers and beyond.