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Teach the Future

A youth-led campaign for climate education in the UK
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Teach the Future is an autonomous, inclusive, well organised and persistent campaign by secondary and tertiary education students to greatly improve education on the climate emergency and ecological crisis in the UK.

The students are campaigning for change across the whole of the UK, but education in the UK is a devolved matter, meaning there are different education ministers and education laws in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. A lot of their work is relevant across the UK, but the students also have specific campaign branches in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

Teach the Future's vision is to: 

  • Teach students about climate change
  • Include green skills in many vocational courses
  • Make educational buildings climate-friendly

The campaign is supported by the staff at SOS-UK.

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Check out the Teach the Future website to find out more about this campaign, and support us by signing our petition.

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Fill in the volunteer form if you are a student in the UK and would like to get involved.

Organisations can sign up to support Teach the Future by filling in this form.

Join the Teachers Network to share resources and have chats with other teachers interested in Climate Education across the UK.