Sustainable accommodation

Take climate action in your accommodation whilst at university.
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We're making university living more sustainable

Through the campaign, students are taking personal action on the climate crisis within their accommodation. We think this is important because:

  1. Halls of residence are energy and water intensive buildings.
  2. Electricity, heat and water are one of the largest contributors to the climate crisis, with the majority of Europe’s energy coming from fossil fuels.
  3. When bills are included in rent, we may not be as encouraged to save energy and water.
  4. Reducing our energy, waste and water consumption is a great way to reduce our negative environmental and social impact.

However, we know universities and halls of residences have a responsibility to reduce carbon emissions, from sourcing renewable energy, to providing and managing waste facilities and so much more. As individuals, we can also change our behaviours and take actions, from volunteering and voting, to having climate conversations and reducing unnecessary energy use.  We can all do something about the climate crisis, some can do a lot more than others but our choices and individual actions can collectively help to influence systems change. Within halls of residences, students are starting with actions such as switching off lights and encouraging friends to change behaviours, as well as lobbying for improved facilities and completing sustainability audits to find areas for improvement.