Volunteer and become a sustainability leader in your halls of residence.

Take climate action and volunteer with other students to increase the positive environmental impact across your university campus. Volunteers raise awareness on sustainability and help to increase the chances of your student accommodation being announced as winners of the competition. Check how the competition is run at your university and what prizes are involved as it runs slightly differently in each location.

Volunteers can earn a digital badge from SOS-UK showing the skills you will use in the role. Some key actions volunteers can start with are:

We are running 60-90 minute in-person and online volunteer training sessions for the campaign. Register to find out the dates and details for your university. Our interactive training sessions will provide details about how volunteers can support the running of the campaign and will cover themes of sustainability in student accommodation; the climate crisis and climate justice; personal sustainability actions and systems change. The sessions are also a great opportunity to meet new people who you can share ideas and collaborate with, and will provide you with some practical actions that you can take to make your campus more sustainable.

Volunteering opportunities for those in private rented accommodation are coming soon! Watch this space and in the meantime check out our advice for renting.