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Alcohol, Drugs and Student Wellbeing

Our work building healthier, safer and more productive student communities
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SOS-UK work in partnership with NUS-UK to run a growing number of programmes and initiatives that create positive change across the board on issues related to student alcohol and drug use.

Our work in this area focuses on reducing harm and improving student health and wellbeing. Our work supports action at many levels, from influencing the behaviour of individuals and upskilling staff who support students, to supporting universities and SUs to change policies, fostering a better environment for those with alcohol or drug issues to seek support.

We also work to support universities and SUs to make their campuses more inclusive and improve student experience for those who choose not to drink.


This work builds upon the 15 years of experience NUS and SOS-UK have in mobilising students and staff to work together to create positive change around environmental and social issues across campus and the wider community. Improving student health and wellbeing is a core part of our vision for a more just and sustainable society

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Drug and Alcohol Impact

Our brand-new support and accreditation scheme for universities and students' unions to work in partnership on these key student wellbeing issues.

Building upon the success of Alcohol Impact, our new programme supports institutions to embed social norms of responsible drinking on our campuses, alongside taking action to move away from a zero-tolerance approach to student drug use, and develop a more effective, evidence based approach which prioritises the health and wellbeing of students.

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Alcohol Impact

Alcohol Impact is a harm-reduction behaviour change programme, to support students' unions and universities in fostering productive, healthy and inclusive student cultures surrounding drinking.

Since its launch in 2015, Alcohol Impact has supported 30 universities and SUs across the UK to create positive change across campuses. From sober raves to alcohol awareness training for sports clubs, Alcohol Impact helps institutions to innovate their approach to tackling issues related to student alcohol use.

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Drink Rethink

Drink Rethink is a preventative approach which aims to reduce high-risk drinking behaviour among students by training student ambassadors to use a nationally recognised evidence-based behaviour change tool (Identification and Brief Advice - IBA) to deliver an alcohol intervention on campus.

For more information download the SOS-UK Alcohol, Drugs and Wellbeing Offering 2021/22 or email tracy.lumb@sos-uk.org

Training and consultancy

We regularly run training around alcohol, drugs and student wellbeing through our learning academy

We also develop bespoke training and workshop packages. Email tracy.lumb@sos-uk.org to discuss further

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